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Modality Descriptions

Swedish Massage

When people think of massage, this is usually what they are thinking about. This is a full body, luxurious, relaxing, oil-based modality.  Light pressure, slow, long, flowing strokes are used to create a state of total relaxation for you.


Deep Tissue Massage

Firm, deep, sustained pressure to take care of the most stubborn knots.  This is not a full body massage; instead it is entirely focused on trouble areas of your body. This is an oil-based modality.


Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy (VHMT)

VHMT uses techniques such as push, pull, kneading, jostling and rocking the body.  As your body is worked on, the release of tension is felt as a vibration. When you don’t exteriorize the release of tension, via sigh, laughter, crying or sound, you may hear the therapist do this for you through sound. This is a clothes-on modality, though it can be combined with other traditional modalities in an integrative session. The work is based on the Fluid Body Model.

VHMT Level 1

Works with creating space in your joints and addresses possible structural misalignment patterns.  You will feel very relaxed and flexible.  This work serves as the foundation for the next levels of work.

VHMT Level 2

Building on the first level of the work, this level addresses the rib cage, clavicle and neck.  Deep emotions such as sorrow and grief are energetically held here.  You can experience deep emotional release.

VHMT Level 3

Recognizing that we are more than a physical body, this level addresses the energetic body and chakra system. This work may also include sound therapy.

VHMT Level 4

The most complex of all, this level encompasses very profound work. Building on your newfound physical and emotional self-awareness skills from the previous levels, you can now tackle addressing shock and trauma stored in your body. Pre-natal and birth trauma can be addressed. Regression and rebirth exercises may be used. You will learn to identify negative thought patterns which may have gotten in the way of achieving your goals in different areas of your life.


Cranial Sacral Therapy

This is a subtle but very powerful form of therapy. One of the many rhythms of the body is the subtle, wave-like rhythm created by the movement of the cerebral-spinal fluid from the cranium to the sacrum. The session begins with the therapist listening to your body at different “stations” to feel this rhythm.  The therapist will then set one hand on the back of the body and one on top at specific areas. You may become aware of thoughts, feelings during the session or you may experience sleepiness.  The amount of pressure applied is about 5 grams or the equivalent weight of a nickel.  You will leave the session leaving extremely relaxed. The benefits of the session can be long lasting, including a calming of your nervous system and many, many others. This is a clothes-on modality. 


Structural Foot Balancing

A whole session dedicated to your feet! A three pronged approach to foot care.  Learn to give your feet the attention they desperately need by using decongestion, traction and home play.  We begin the session by looking at the way you stand and your gait. We review the Fluid Body Model and then we move on to massaging your foot and creating space in all its joints.  Get ready to learn new motor skills!


Integrative Massage

A massage customized to your unique needs.  The session may include any of the above modalities as dictated by whatever is going on with your body at the time of the session.  The foundation of the session may be a traditional massage, such as Swedish or it may be founded on a more advanced massage, such as VHMT. This is also a great way to experience some of the modalities you may not be familiar with yet.


Energy Therapies

Applied Kinesiology/Touch For Health (TFH)

This work is based on the concept of the body as containing bio-electrical circuits through which vital energy flows. These are also known as meridians.  Disruptions in energetic flow can show up as discomfort in both physical and emotional symptoms.  Energy Kinesiology attempts to restore the flow of energy allowing the body’s ability to heal itself to take over.  Muscle testing, a very effective biofeedback technique is used by the therapist to identify the locations of the blocked energy in the body. Non-invasive techniques are then used to bring the body back into balance.  After a session, you can expect to experience increased energy, enhanced performance and an overall feeling of well-being.


Neuro Emotional Modulation (NEM)

This is a series of advanced energetic therapies, trauma release and neurological therapy that synergistically get results.  It is a more advanced form of Applied Kinesiology/TFH. The NEM method was developed by Dr. Kingman Fung, D.C.

NEM uses aromatherapy pathways, stimulation of emotional neuro-vascular points, and cutting-edge neurological eye-field therapies to bypass the temporal lobe memory system to actually activate the limbic parts of the brain where trauma is stored. Successfully address hidden trauma that has kept stuck, unwanted emotional, physical and spiritual patterns in place.


Bach Flower Essences

A set of 38 flower and plant based formulas that help manage the emotional demands of everyday life by bringing negative attitudes and feelings back into balance and perspective.  These 38 essences were created by Dr. Edward Bach, a medical doctor and bacteriologist.  Because they help to restore and maintain emotional balance, they free up the body’s own inherent ability to heal thereby producing a state of well-being.  These essences do not fight illness; rather, they raise our own vibrations to optimal levels so we can experience optimal emotional states.

A consultation will include discussing your concerns and filling out a questionnaire to identify which essences would be best for you.  (I do NOT sell any product).


Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu is a form of Shiatsu massage which originated in Japan. This bodywork is traditionally done on a floor mat using hands, elbows, feet and knees.  It harmonizes the yin and yang energies of the body.  It works with the clients breathing and energy pathways. When properly performed, it leaves the receiver relaxed and energized.  It is a clothes-on modality.



*No therapy herein described or practiced by the therapist is intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.  The information shared in sessions is for educational purposes only.  Therapist is not a doctor or psychologist and encourages you to consult with your doctor and seek treatment for any medical condition you may be experiencing. By booking a session you acknowledge that you understand and accept the foregoing.

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